Traveling The World

I Love Traveling, How About You?

I can’t begin to describe with words how much I love traveling. It’s just so damn fun and such an amazing experience that you can never really explain to someone else how it is, but you sure can have fun trying. You can only truly understand when you do it yourself. And the more places you go and the more things you see, the more amazing it becomes. Some things are so different and some things are exactly the same. But to sum it up, traveling is amazing and that’s why this section is being created.

Most likely this area will be broken down into countries and loaded with tips, personal stories as I love to share, and more! Don’t forget, my first book is launching in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. I’ve personally been traveling on and off around the world for almost 15 years and still, if I would have had the book of tips that I am creating right now just 2 years ago before my last trip around the world, it would have saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent. There’s definitely some words of wisdom in there, a bunch of products that I personally have used and recommend, and some entertainment too!

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